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Below are the NDUFC Official Teams for the 2018 Season and their board approved coaches.


Position Name

Contact Info

U8 BOYS Head Coach TBD


U9 BOYS Head Coach Fadi Blaney fadi.Blaney@sbdinc.com
U10 BOYS Head Coach Jeff Bateman Jeff.bateman@gotransit.co
U11 BOYS Head Coach Kees-Jan Homsma


U12 BOYS Head Coach Joe Cicchioni jcicchini@yahoo.ca
U14 BOYS Head Coach Drew Ferraro ferraro.ortho@rogers.com
U8 GIRLS Head Coach Neil Menear novinsoft@novinsoft.com
U9 GIRLS Head Coach Mike McGriskin mike.mcgriskin@yahoo.com
U11 GIRLS Head Coach Doug Middleton doug@thebenefitsgroup.ca
U13 GIRLS Head Coach Paul Bussiere paul.bussiere@bell.net
U14 GIRLS Head Coach Kem Cehajic kem@powergate.ca
U15 GIRLS Head Coach Beth Murray bethmurray98@gmail.com
U16 GIRLS Head Coach
Robert Magnante