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NDUFC Tryouts:

General Tryout Information:

  • The core tryouts for our teams are held in late September each year for the next year's outdoor season.
  • Some teams my leave a spot or two open in case a new players moves to the area. Contact the coach of your age division to see if any spots are available. Playing as a call up from a Scugog or Uxbridge or Brock club is also an option for older ages.
  • Depending on numbers of coaches and the number of players available for each age group, we are sometimes forced to combine age divisions. Younger players may play up on and older team, but just one year up.
  • Deadlines for committing to a team may be as late as November 1st, but in general we need to know in the fall that we have enough players and a coaching staff to field a team for the next outdoor season. Uniforms and some league fees are required by as early as December so we need to know now.
  • Coaches have applied and are committed for next years teams, now we need players to commit too.
  • Proposed age divisions are posted on the Tryout Schedule.
  • A Tryout Waiver (see the forms list on the home page) is only required if the player did not play with any Ontario Soccer affiliated club this past soccer season. This is for insurance reasons.
  • Players are encouraged to attend all their team's scheduled tryouts. Please speak with the coach if you can't so s/he knows you are still interested.
  • Please arrive early for your tryouts in order to sign in and do a proper warm-up.
  • See the Map page for links to Scugog, Uxbridge (Fields of Uxbridge and also Herrema).
  • Dress for the weather in layers and bring Water! We practice/play rain or shine, hot or cold.
  • Girls may tryout and play on Boys teams.
  • See the Tryout Schedule for the Proposed teams. Use your child's birth year to find the correct tryout.
  • Players are required to tryout for their specific age division as we and the DRSA feel that's where they should play.
    Playing up an age division is for very talented players or special circumstances only. Please speak to the coach and a board member if you have more questions about this.
  • A Playing Up Permission form is required (see the home page) and must be signed by the parent, coach and then approved by the Board if a player wants to try out for an older team when a team is already available at that child's age group. The DRSA also have a process for players playing up at the younger age groups.


For U8 to U12s Divisions:

  • There are no "cuts"
  • We will take all players who are committed and who want to improve their soccer skills.
  • If there are enough players for two teams we will form two teams if we can find more coaches.
  • Games are all over Durham Region and so travel is required
  • Practices will be both in Port Perry and Uxbridge at least once per week. This is when they learn.
  • There are up to 4 Festivals (ie tournaments) on weekends, 1 per month. 
  • Expected to practice through the Winter if possible as schools in Uxbridge
  • Only a fixed number are allowed to dress for each game, and so if we have more than that not all players will play all games.
  • Equal Games and equal game time for all players across the entire season, games and festivals 
  • Players are also allowed to play in the House league if nights don’t conflict., for an extra minimal fee
    (assuming Amalgamation passes)
  • Reg fees for 2018 where U8-U10 where $530; U11-U12 where $550. there may be additional Fees asked by the Team.


  • Tryout schedules can change to accomodate fields and hockey and bad weather, etc.
    Check back to this web page for the latest Tryout version before you head out.
  • Washrooms may not always be open for mid-week tryouts. Go before you Go.


Click the link below for the latest version :

(for the 2019 OUTDOOR SEASON)

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early at each tryout to sign in and to warm-up.
  • Dress in layers so you can adjust to the weather. Hydrate before and during the tryout.
  • Additional Tryout dates may be added.
  • If you can’t make a tryout date, contact the club so we know you are still interested.
  • The Uxbridge venue is the “Fields of Uxbridge” on Brock north of the town. Check in at the new clubhouse.
  • The Herrema Venue is the “Herrema Fields” at the East end of Uxbridge. Check in at the picnic shelter.
  • The Port Perry venue is the “Scugog Soccer Fields” on Old Simcoe. Check in at the clubhouse.
  • 2019 season U8s are players born in 2011
  • 2019 season U9s are players born in 2010
  • 2019 season U10s are players born in 2009
  • 2019 season U11s are players born in 2008
  • 2019 season U12s are players born in 2007
  • 2019 season U13s are players born in 2006
  • 2019 season U14s are players born in 2005
  • 2019 season U15s are players born in 2004


Please see our Maps Page for directions to Scugog fields and Uxbridge fields.